Design Your Devotion

Unlock the love in your heart by designing (and even crafting) a unique piece of commitment jewellery. Celebrate an eternal bond with something beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and created from the very place that sings to your heart and calls you home.


Symbolise an eternal bond with a beautiful piece of art that is crafted specifically for you.

Design Your Devotion gives you the chance to take the essence of your most priceless memories – whether it’s where you first met as a couple, finally set yourself free or somewhere special in you personal ancestry – and craft these memories into something tangible.

With Sonia’s expert guidance, the spirit of this tiny piece of earth – be it home or homeland – can take on new life as jewellery which will stay close wherever journey may lead you.

Design Your Devotion is not just for couples looking to symbolise their commitment together. It is for those who wish to celebrate powerful moments in their lives – people who want to immortalise their love for someone who has passed, or signify a meaningful place and period in their lives. It is also for those who want to pass on their love for their children in a tangible, meaningful way, or who wish to honor their ancestors by connecting to the very earth that they share.


Collect sand from your special place (or places) and send (or deliver if you are local) to Sonia in her New Zealand studio. She will work directly with you (in person or online) to uncover your unique style and story and help you design jewellery that sparkles with YOUR spirit.

Sonia with then turn your design into reality, using your special sand and the metal options of your choice. There is even an opportunity to incorporate your own heirloom jewellery into the final design.

You may also be able to book a time to actually make your own treasure. Sonia has her studio in Christchurch, New Zealand and there is an opportunity to spend time with her, being expertly guided to not just design, but create you symbol of eternity and love.

From time to time Sonia does travel and there may be an opportunity to meet her at a location closer to you for this unique creative experience.


Design Your Devotion starts from NZ$350 for Sonia to create a simple silver ring cast in sand of your choice.

For a full day Design Your Devotion experience where you create your own piece of jewellery, the price begins at NZ$2500 exclusive of material costs. It is possible to create 2 sandcast ring bands in this timeframe. Additional time may be required if you wish to incorporate gemstones or other design elements like mixed-metal casting.

Sonia will give you a full price breakdown and obligation free quote. Upon acceptance of the quote, a 50% deposit is required within 14 days of your studio session.

Sessions are limited and dependent on availability. If you would like to enquire or book your spot, please fill in the form below or contact Sonia directly by email

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