“aroha mai, aroha atu”

Love received, love returned

Mother’s Day in my World is a special day.  Firstly because I was born on Mother’s Day (my poor mum!!) and every 11 years it coincides again.  Secondly, my very first expression of Mother’s Day as a mother myself, was a disaster.  And I was so deeply saddened and disappointed that I decided to celebrate Mother’s Day myself, every year.  Not just for me, but for all the mums, the moms, the mother-figures – all the people who offer the love, compassion and kindness of mothering regardless of age, gender, culture or expectation.

So each year I offer a little bit of a sale to celebrate this time.  This year is a little bit different because THIS YEAR I am going to be away from home and my family for my birthday and Mother’s Day for the first time in over 16 years.  I am heading off on an adventure to the USA on May 3rd for 2 weeks.  With Mother’s Day on May 12th that’s why this sale is running a little bit early for 2019.

Everyone gets to participate.  Simply use the promo-code “MYMAMA30” to get 30% discount across the entire store until April 30th.  It’s so simple – anything you like!  Something for you and the mama-figures in your life…

Are you one of my VIP subscribers?  Well, you get 40% discount until April 30th, yes, that’s right – 40% discount on the entire range of jewellery for Mother’s Day!!!  If you haven’t already subscribed, and would like to, then simply sign up HERE to receive your special code to receive your 40% discount.


100 Days of Beauty Challenge

100 Days of Beauty is a challenge that began on January 28th.

This campaign is intended to bring a bit of beauty and nature into my life, and yours too, every single day for 100 Days.  This will be by a single image that I will share here and on Social Media, and you will also be invited to share your images too.  You will be invited to sign up and be an active part of the 100 Days of Beauty campaign at any point and you might even get your image featured!

2019 is year of the Pig in the Chinese Horoscope, which interestingly enough, is the same year I was born.  So I get the feeling we are in for a truly memorable year and I am excited to have you along for the ride.  Let’s do this!

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Aroha Circle Single Drop Earrings
$130.00$900.00 Select options
Mixed Metal Trio of Feathers
$150.00$160.00 Select options
Single Feather Earrings – Aroha Love
$85.00$650.00 Select options
$160.00$1,650.00 Select options


Message Stacking Rings
$70.00$200.00 Select options
Trio of Circles Lariat Necklace
$170.00$1,650.00 Select options
Bonded Metal Meditation Ring
$270.00 Select options
Feather Bib Necklace – Short
$220.00$4,500.00 Select options
Trio of Feathers Earrings – Short
$160.00$1,250.00 Select options
Meditation Ring
$255.00$1,350.00 Select options
Sisterhood Bar Necklace Brass 1
Feather Bar Necklace – Single
$70.00$500.00 Select options
Bi-Metal Tiepin
$85.00 Add to cart
Mixed Metal Trio of Feathers
$150.00$160.00 Select options
Golden Trio of Feathers
$750.00$800.00 Select options
Single Circle Love Necklace
$85.00$550.00 Select options
Copper Cuff Bracelet
$100.00 Select options
Silver Trio of Feathers
$150.00$165.00 Select options
Feather Bib Necklace – Long
$250.00$5,000.00 Select options
Trio of Long Feather Earrings
$180.00$1,500.00 Select options
Bi-Metal Cufflinks
$150.00 Add to cart


Star Maps
Star Maps
Bio-Resin + Rimu
Bio-Resin + Rimu
Pebble Collection
Pebble Collection
The Voice - Te Reo Collection
The Voice - Te Reo Collection

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Pebble Chain Bracelet
$180.00 Select options
Pebble Chain Necklace
$250.00$350.00 Select options
Pebble Stack Drop Earrings
$150.00$950.00 Select options
Pebble Stack Simple Pendant
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