“Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better

Welcome to 2019, and what a year it is promising to be!

I am kicking this year off with a brand new collection celebrating the Journey of Life as well as a project that has been in the making for a while now; 100 Days of Beauty.  They both reflect the quote above by the great Albert Einstein, understanding that our relationship with all aspects of Nature (including ourselves) allows us to understand everything about our lives that much more deeply.  I truly believe in this.

So with that said, I am thrilled to launch into my 100 Days of Beauty campaign, beginning on January 28th.  This campaign is intended to bring a bit of beauty and nature into my life, and yours too, every single day for 100 Days.  This will be by a single image that I will share here and on Social Media, and you will also be invited to share your images too.  You will be invited to sign up and be an active part of the 100 Days of Beauty campaign at any point and you might even get your image featured!  Each week is themed to help you (and help me!) with inspiration, so if you are keen – sign up HERE and I will be in touch on Day 1!

And on top of this, launching on February 1st, I am excited to share with you my Journey Of Life Collection.  This is actually based around a few pieces from an older collection that I didn’t pay enough attention to, but which has a simply beautiful story.  So I have decided to take the key items and build a brand new collection to celebrate and honour the story behind the pieces.  I will be sharing more with you in the next couple of weeks.  If you would like an advance peek at the collection, feel welcome to sign up to my community and receive my Newsletter HERE

2019 is year of the Pig in the Chinese Horoscope, which interestingly enough, is the same year I was born.  So I get the feeling we are in for a truly memorable year and I am excited to have you along for the ride.  Let’s do this!

Aroha Circle Single Drop Earrings
$130.00$900.00 Select options
Copper Cuff Bracelet
$100.00 Select options
Long Star Map Earrings
Long Star Map Earrings
$150.00 Add to cart
Silver Trio of Feathers
$150.00$165.00 Select options


Journey Meditation Ring in Silver
$225.00$310.00 Select options
Message Stacking Rings
$70.00$200.00 Select options
pebble half chain necklace
Pebble Half Chain Necklace
$200.00 Select options
Single Feather Earrings – Aroha Love
$85.00$650.00 Select options


Trio of Circles Inline Necklace
$160.00$1,500.00 Select options
Aroha Circle Stud Earrings
$78.00$900.00 Select options
Message Rings
Message Adjustable Rings
$60.00$350.00 Select options
Trio of Feathers Earrings – Short
$160.00$1,250.00 Select options
Single Circle Love Necklace
$85.00$550.00 Select options
copper trio of feathers
Copper Trio of Feathers
$150.00$160.00 Select options
Mixed Metal Trio of Feathers
$150.00$160.00 Select options
Trio of Circles Lariat Necklace
$170.00$1,650.00 Select options
Single Feather Earrings – Plain
$65.00$650.00 Select options
Feather Bar Necklace – Trio
$150.00$800.00 Select options
Aroha Circle Single Drop Earrings
$130.00$900.00 Select options
Feather Bib Necklace – Long
$250.00$5,000.00 Select options
Message Stacking Rings
$70.00$200.00 Select options
Aroha Circle Statement Ring
$125.00$900.00 Select options
Bi-Metal Cufflinks
$150.00 Add to cart
Meditation Ring
$255.00$1,350.00 Select options


Star Maps
Star Maps
Bio-Resin + Rimu
Bio-Resin + Rimu
Pebble Collection
Pebble Collection
The Voice - Te Reo Collection
The Voice - Te Reo Collection

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Pebble Chain Bracelet
$180.00 Select options
Pebble Chain Necklace
$250.00$350.00 Select options
Pebble Stack Drop Earrings
$150.00$950.00 Select options
Pebble Stack Simple Pendant
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