““Will you come with me to the mountains? It will hurt at first, until your feet are hardened. Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows. But will you come?”  C.S. Lewis

At last, I welcome you to join me on The Journey.

I promised that the new collection would launch on February 1st, and here it is.  It’s been a whole summer in the making and the imagining and I couldn’t be happier.

The journey is all about that road we take through life, the joys and the sorrows, the trials and tribulations.  But at the very heart of it all is our own shining light, our purpose that is inextricably linked to every other thing in our universe.  I love this quote above by C.S.Lewis (you might know him better as author of The Chronicles of Narnia) because it speaks of persevering in The Journey, knowing that it will likely be difficult and painful, but doing it anyway – as if there was never ever any doubt about it.

This collection is in honour of that Journey, that each of us travels to find the light inside us.  The Journey is divided into three parts – The Fire, The Scars and the Golden Light.

The Fire represents those times we are thrown, or dive willingly into the flames of our passions and desires to be burned and blistered in the process.  But for our passions we would do no less than walk across hot coals, and endure the pain time and time again.  Eventually we emerge from the ashes like the phoenix from the flames, like the steel from the forge – changed at the most fundamental level of our being to be better and stronger, and able to mold to the lessons that we have learned.

The Scars represent our stumbling in times of blindness, where we push on ahead even if we don’t know where we are going.  This is faith that it will all be OK, that the Universe has a plan and a purpose, and we are part of it.  We are cut and bruised, scraped and broken.  But like the seed, planted in the ground, true growth only comes from being broken open, right open!  As as we emerge from our blindness, we see the scars that The Journey has left behind and we have a choice.  We can either be ashamed that we are now less than “perfect”  and that our flaws are for all to see – and try to cover them up.  Or we can choose to wear them proudly, boldly, bravely.  Understanding and expressing to the world that there is only one of us, that we are utterly unique and that we are exquisitely beautiful BECAUSE we are scarred and broken, not in spite of it.  This is the courage we find on The Journey.

And finally the golden shining light – this tiny, but fundamental core to our being.  This light inside that is so pure and so beautiful, it can be hard to look upon it without flinching away.  But when you choose to gaze into the light, you will see the whole universe inside of yourself and know that this light is what connects all and everything.  The golden light is our purpose and we are offered a challenge to protect it, keep it burning, let others see it for they may still be blinded.  Our light, our beautiful golden shining light is the beacon for others to follow out of their own darkness.  It is a gift.

I feel very humbled to bring this collection to you.  It is a massive part of me in these designs – and I suspect a part of you, too!  I am thrilled to invite you to be a subscriber and receive a gift of 40% discount on all items in The Journey collection for the entire month of February.  This collection is NOT in stores and is only available via this site.

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100 Days of Beauty Challenge

100 Days of Beauty is a challenge that began on January 28th.

This campaign is intended to bring a bit of beauty and nature into my life, and yours too, every single day for 100 Days.  This will be by a single image that I will share here and on Social Media, and you will also be invited to share your images too.  You will be invited to sign up and be an active part of the 100 Days of Beauty campaign at any point and you might even get your image featured!

2019 is year of the Pig in the Chinese Horoscope, which interestingly enough, is the same year I was born.  So I get the feeling we are in for a truly memorable year and I am excited to have you along for the ride.  Let’s do this!

Journey Circle Earrings Copper Fire
$130.00$1,790.00 Select options
Journey Meditation Ring in Silver
$225.00$310.00 Select options
Journey Trio Dogtag Necklace
$200.00$2,000.00 Select options


Journey Meditation Ring in Silver
$225.00$310.00 Select options
Message Stacking Rings
$70.00$200.00 Select options
pebble half chain necklace
Pebble Half Chain Necklace
$200.00 Select options
Single Feather Earrings – Aroha Love
$85.00$650.00 Select options


Feather Bib Necklace – Short
$220.00$4,500.00 Select options
Aroha Circle Stud Earrings
$78.00$900.00 Select options
Silver Trio of Feathers
$150.00$165.00 Select options
Golden Trio of Feathers
$750.00$800.00 Select options
copper trio of feathers
Copper Trio of Feathers
$150.00$160.00 Select options
Message Stacking Rings
$70.00$200.00 Select options
Aroha Circle Statement Ring
$125.00$900.00 Select options
Bonded Metal Meditation Ring
$270.00 Select options
Aroha Circle Single Drop Earrings
$130.00$900.00 Select options
Single Circle Love Necklace
$85.00$550.00 Select options
Bi-Metal Tiepin
$85.00 Add to cart
Mixed Metal Trio of Feathers
$150.00$160.00 Select options
Single Feather Earrings – Aroha Love
$85.00$650.00 Select options
Meditation Ring
$255.00$1,350.00 Select options
Hammered Offset Ring
$70.00 Select options
Trio of Circles Offset Necklace
$170.00$1,650.00 Select options


Star Maps
Star Maps
Bio-Resin + Rimu
Bio-Resin + Rimu
Pebble Collection
Pebble Collection
The Voice - Te Reo Collection
The Voice - Te Reo Collection

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Pebble Chain Bracelet
$180.00 Select options
Pebble Chain Necklace
$250.00$350.00 Select options
Pebble Stack Drop Earrings
$150.00$950.00 Select options
Pebble Stack Simple Pendant
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